Sunday, 27 April 2014

Prices for Canvas Prints

A few people have asked about prices for canvas prints so here's a breakdown:

30 x 20 cm - £20
40 x 30 cm - £25
60 x 40 cm - £35
80 x 60 cm - £45

Postage is available and will vary depending on order. Details available on request.

DON'T FORGET: Any request for personalised artwork will be considered be it portrait or landscape!

Friday, 11 April 2014


A striking and historic market town, Hexham provided the basis for some quite energetic pieces. Each of these images shows stonework in saturated colour, buildings benath dramatic skies. Focal points lie in the ornate windows of the Abbey, the dramatic arch of The Moothouse and a weighty stone park entrance before Queen's Hall.

#33 Hexham Abbey 

#34 The Moothall, Hexham

#35 Queen's Hall from Hexham Park


Capturing Tynemouth proved more difficult than anticipated. Large and historic architectural forms seem tiny against expanses of sky, sand and sea. Interiors are busy and complex, full of detail and contrast. With so much subject matter to choose from I'll definitely be returning here.

 #29 Tynemouth Longsands

#30 Tynemouth Market

#31 Tynemouth Priory and Castle

#32 Beaches and Cream, Cullercoats

Trams and Trains

Perspective plays a large part in conveying the impressive nature of this subject matter. Trams in their depot at Beamish Open Air Museum glimmer with history while the bold form of The Mallard shines before The National Railway Museum Shildon. The success of these images lies in the contrast of the man made forms against expressive use of paint and colour.

#27 Tram Depot, Beamish Museum

#28 The Mallard, National Railway Museum Shildon

Hadrian's Wall

Three views of Hadrian's Wall focus on different aspects. One is a wide view showing the wall rising and falling over rugged terrain, another gives you a feel of being stood close to it and the other sees the dip of the landscape frame a famous sycamore. This latter image is titled 'The Robin Hood Tree' in reference the Kevin Costner scene filmed here many years ago.

#24 The Robin Hood Tree, Hadrian's Wall
#25 View of Crag Lough, Hadrian's Wall
#26 View to the East, Hadrian's Wall

Back to the NewcastleGateshead Quayside

Winter sunlight played an important role in creating a strong atmosphere within these images. A reasonable area has been given to depicting figures, this too helps give character. As with the Durham set there are famous structures throughout but there is also a depiction of everyday elements such as signage on the road or a lampost that obscures the view.

#21 Under the Bridge, Newcastle
#22 Quayside Sunlight, Newcastle

#23 View from The Baltic, Gateshead

Around Durham

With this set I wanted to capture the Cathedral in the way it is most often viewed, incorporated into the background of other scenes. In #19 and #20 the perspective of various architectural forms leads the eye into a fairly distant Cathedral view. This idea of showing a popular landmark within the more everyday surroundings is something I'd like to explore more.

#18 Durham Cathedral 

#19 Durham Cathedral from Owengate

#20 Durham Cathedral from Framwellgate Bridge