Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sunderland Air Show

Another shoot that I've been meaning to use was taken at Sunderland Air Show last summer. I've only chosen to paint two of the images. In the first I've tried to convey the movement of the Vulcan as it flies in from the coast and swoops round over the beach. It's a stunning sight as the force of the massive plane can be felt by everyone on the ground.

In the second image a figure in the foreground stoops to photograph one the planes from the Red Arrow display team. A contrast can be seen between the impressive mechnics of the machine and the everyday houses and buildings of the seafront. Most of the colour focus is on the red of the plane but some abstraction has been introduced in the sky. I'd like to continue adjusting the colour palette in the next few works.

#16 Vulcan Approach, Sunderland Air Show

#17 Red Arrow, Sunderland Air Show

New York City Street Scenes

In recent weeks I've dedicated some time to using the New York City street images I captured last summer. Consisting of five works, this set was probably more challenging than previous work due to the highly complex nature of the architecture. Combining the realism of the orignal imagery with the abstract qualities of the paint was quite complicated and I think most succesful in the Apple Store image. It is here I've revived one of my old favourite techniques of splattering the paint on the surface, injecting an energy or dynamism.

#12 Times Square Studios, New York City

#13 West 34th Street, New York City
#14 United Nations Flags at Rockefeller Center, New York City

#15 Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, New York City

#15 Times Square Sidewalk, New York City